Testimonials from our clients

Lynne McAllister’s support has been extremely helpful over the years. We went to her regarding Quickbooks entries for attorney trust accounts and the related compliance rules. Her knowledge of the random audit program and complex bookkeeping entries is unparalleled. Lynne always provides reliable advice and is a pleasure to work with.
Real Estate Law Firm in Edison, NJ
I would not allow any other professional besides Lynne to touch my trust account. I can’t even begin to explain the level of experience she has with Office of Attorney Ethics Audits. Frankly, they scare me to death.
Bankruptcy Attorney in Cedar Grove, NJ
I have had the good fortune to hire and refer Lynne to several of my friends and clients. Lynne is the consummate professional; always at the top of her game. She is very knowledgeable, thorough, reliable and a pleasure to work with. The clients I have referred Lynne to have been exceedingly pleased with the referral. They love her. I highly recommend and endorse Lynne.
Independent CEO/CFO Advisor, New Jersey
Everybody in the business world should follow Lynne's example. She is the consummate professional in every way.
Law Firm in Florham Park, NJ
When my business started to grow I knew I needed help setting up my financial record keeping - tracking my accounts payable and expenses and profitability - you name it - I needed help. Lynne came in and, after asking me specific questions on how my business operated, set up the exact accounts and processes I needed. Equally as important, Lynne was able to show me the way to correctly record my financial information. Accounting is almost like a foreign language to me and Lynne has been able to translate it into something I can work with. I rely on Lynne to ensure that my financial information is correctly recorded and organized. Lynne is patient, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for expert assistance with their financial bookkeeping.
Website and Advertising Company in Morris County, New Jersey
Lynne is truly a knowledgeable person in her field. She is reliable and trustworthy. Lynne maintains her level of knowledge by staying up to date with the rules and regulations that change regularly. She is active with many organizations where she volunteers her time and knowledge to help others. She has built her business based on her integrity. Lynne helped my business get more organized financially and I cannot thank her enough!
Retail Business in Englewood, NJ
Lynne is an excellent advisor to any company that wants to free itself of daily bookkeeping responsibilities and devote more time to its core business. She takes charge of QuickBooks, day-to- day bill payment and bank reconciliations and does it right. She's a real find.
Independent Business Advisor – New Jersey
I used Lynne McAllister the first time in 2004. Lynne immediately familiarized herself with the rules and regulations concerning the maintenance of attorney trust accounts. She was so proficient that she was able to quote rules to those charged with compliance review. I have consistently recommended Lynne to other attorneys who have received compliance audit requests. Lynne takes the fear out of compliance audits. Real Estate Attorney in Rockaway, NJ
Real Estate Attorney in Rockaway, NJ
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