The Supreme Court of New Jersey has mandated specific requirements of attorney recordkeeping for both attorney trust accounts and attorney business accounts.  NJ R.1:21-6 is a laundry list of the financial recordkeeping responsibilities from the opening of a client matter to its ultimate end result. LMC has extensive experience with the Office of Attorney Ethics Random Audit Program and the Disciplinary Audit Process.  We have represented and supported attorneys in the compliance in both of these areas.

LMC specializes in providing consulting services to attorneys and law firms on the specifics of compliance with the Office of Attorney Ethics recordkeeping requirements for trust accounts and operating accounts. She has developed proprietary tools and templates to navigate through the complexities of attorney trust account recordkeeping and reconciliations. LMC has provided support to many law firms through the audit processes conducted by the Office of Attorney Ethics and has a 100% success rate for positive audit outcomes. Lynne is a certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor  and is also proficient in other types of software specific to the legal industry.

If you have received a Notice of Random Audit from OAE, you have just two weeks to ensure the accuracy of your compliance with their recordkeeping requirements.  If you’re unsure or if you need additional support, LMC can absolutely help.

Here is just a sampling of the NJ R.1:21-6 compliance services we can provide:

Consult with Partners on NJ R1:21-6 compliance requirements;

Troubleshoot and customize your current general ledger to ensure compliance;

Maintain records beginning with the recording of data through the reconciliation process to ensure compliance standards are being met;

Maintain all required backup documentation;

Perform appropriate reconciliations in accordance with compliance requirements;

Attorney Trust Account and Attorney Business Account reconstructions.

Don’t wait for that audit from OAE to determine if you’re compliant with NJ R.1:21-6.  LMC will review your current process for the recording and maintaining of client funds, retainers, settlements, and all other attorneys’ fees and make the necessary recommendations for implementing current compliance standards.

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